FY! Alexander Lee Eusebio

[Fanacc] Dinner date with Xander


So, let me start off that I won’t get too much into details, because I don’t want to publish too much, but let me tell you: He is is so amazingly kind, I don’t know what to say. 

Now. I got there at time, 7:25 pm, and sat between some other winners. The tables were split apart, so we shared 2 tables for 13 people including Alexander. Xander arrived a few minutes later with his manager and other staff.

He sat at the head of the table of the first one, so I was first pretty far away and the communication was not good either first, but he later changed his spots. First I have to say: Wow, this man’s skin is so perfect, I am so jealous of it. His hair are amazing and he actually is really tall and his face is so small. He is so much more good-looking in real life, I was amazed. 

Xander first introduced the company who organized it and told us that we please should talk and hold the conversations, following by him asking and writing down our names and ages. I was the second oldest one with 19, the oldest person was 21 (next to Xander). 
Then we talked about how many language we speak and me, who learned 6 languages, could keep up with Xander haha.
He seemed pretty amazed that I learned so many languages and especially that I am not even from Canada, but from Germany.

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